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    BaoFeng BF-F8HP (UV-5R 3rd Gen)...

    Upgrades from our Previous Generation UV-5R: Twice the Output Power (8 watts up from 4 watts output), New Hardened Durable Radio Shell, 30% Larger Battery, V-85 High Gain Antenna (Twice the Antenna Performance), USA Support + In-depth User Guide Included
    High / Med / Low Power Settings (8W, 4W, 1W); Frequency Range: 65-108 MHz(Only commercial FM radio reception) VHF: 136-174 MHz(Rx/Tx). UHF: 400-520 MHz(Rx/Tx); Broad (Wide) / Narrowband (Narrow) Selectable
    The BF-F8HP was designed in the USA and because not everyone is a radio-expert we really wanted to focus on providing an easier user experience! That starts with the new in-depth manual that guides you through the capabilities and customization of the BF-F8HP. On top of that the BF-F8HP also includes exclusive concierge customer help and warranty support. This concierge service is only available on select BaoFeng models such as the BF-F8HP, UV-82HP, and UV-5X3.

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    DreamSky Alarm Clock Radio With...

    Large Display Alarm Clock Radio : Extra large screen with 1.8″ red led digit display , time is clearly to see at a glance. 12/24 hour display optional. Adjustable dimmer enable you to set the brightness of high or low with one button touch. Perfect for the elderly or the sight-restricted person.
    Digital FM Radio: Easy tuning in FM radio stations with high quality output speaker. Listening daily news or weather forecast become easily. Plus with a 3.5mm earphone jack, enable you to enjoy the radios without disturbing others .
    Alarm Wake up Sound Optional With Snooze: Wake up to buzzer or radio should your preference ,The ascending alarm begins sound faintly and then grew increasingly louder for gently wake up without awakened abruptly. The snooze allows the alarms to sound every 9 minutes untill turned off .

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    Emerson CKS1708 SmartSet Alarm Clock...

    Easy to Program
    Easy-to-read, 1.4″ BLUE LED clock display
    Patented smartset automatic time setting system

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    Emerson ER100101 SmartSet Alarm Clock...

    Digital Tuning AM/FM radio, 20 station memories
    Easy to Program
    Easy-to-read, 0.9″ white LED clock display

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    Emerson ER100301 SmartSet Alarm Clock...

    Bluetooth V4.1
    USB output for mobile charging 2.1a 5V.Button cell battery (included) maintains time & alarm settings
    Digital Tuning FM radio, 20 station memories.Patented smartset automatic time setting system.Automatically sets itself to the correct year, Month, date, day and time as soon as you Plug it in and after every power interruption

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    Midland GXT1000VP4 36-Mile 50-Channel FRS/GMRS...

    50 Channels with Up to 36-Mile range communication in open areas with little or no obstruction,120V Charger.
    NOAA/All Hazard Weather Channels with Alert and Weather Scan
    142 Privacy Codes,Frequency Band: 462.550 – 467.7125MHz

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    Midland WR120/WR120EZ NOAA Weather Alert...

    SAME programming sounds an alert only when specific counties are threatened
    Receives 7 NOAA channels with flood, tornado, thunderstorm, and other warnings
    25-county memory system; 90 dB siren, voice alert, and flashing LED warning systems

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    Panasonic RF-2400 AM / FM...

    RF-2400 AM/FM Tuner – Lets you choose from the wide range of radio talk shows and music programming. Requires 4 AA Batteries, works well and long with Polaroid AA Batteries.
    Pocket Size for Portable Use – With ultra-compact design slips easily into shirt or jacket pocket or handbag for convenience and portability
    Built-In Speaker – For good sound quality and convenient listening anywhere

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    RunningSnail Solar Crank NOAA Weather...

    A Must For Emergency: Keep your household prepared with this AM/FM & NOAA weather alert radio, broadcast emergency weather alerts for your area such as hurricanes, tornadoes and severe storms.
    Table Lamp & 1W LED Flashlight: It can be used in emergency and survival situations to light up dark spaces and areas or to keep your room nice and bright after a storm cuts off your power.
    Hand Crank Self-charge for Outage: 2000mAh rechargeable battery provides up to 12 hours of light or 4-6 hours of radio time.